The Synergy News Publishing System

Synergy is a simple and easy to use system for publishing your own news to your website in an easy to read format. Instead of being a static website it will become dynamic and interesting and changing. Synergy comes with a user-friendly back office where you log in to post your news and it publishes automatically to you website. Synergy is a DIY SEO tool that can be used by any business to push you up the Google rankings.

The more key word and key phrase news you publish, the more your site will be come recognised by Google as the authority on your product or service, generating valuable leads to make you more profitable.

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Sign Up

Fill out our easy sign up form (It takes less than 40 seconds). Easy to click and pay and be up and running in no time. With account activation you get access to the setup files and simple code generation to get you publishing news to your website, pushing you up the Google rankings.

Generate Code

Follow the easy instructions to generate your code. Post it on your webpage(s). Add the extra code files to your site directory. And you are you are ready to post and publish news to your website(s).

Post News/Articles

Log in to you own Synergy back office and add, edit or archive your news. It will publish to your website automatically. As easy as that. The more keyword appropriate news you publish, the higher you are ranked for searches.


The following Companies use Synergy News System.

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